Can't Enable Manually Installed Community Plugins

Things I have tried

I have

  1. Manually downloaded the release zip files for Dataview and Templater
  2. I unzipped the contents of each zip file into
  3. I opened the properties of each folder and ensured they were read/write
  4. I restarted my Docker container that’s running Obsidian

What I’m trying to do

I get an error when trying to browse the community plugin list, so I am trying to manually install and start the Dataview and Templater plugins.

Here is what the screen looks like. It’s recognizing the plugins. I just can’t enable them. If I try to toggle them on, I get an error “failed to load plugin (plugin name)”

Got this too. It turns out I needed to just download the three individual files to the respective folders instead of downloading and unzipping the release zip file.

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