Cant embed webpages with ![]() reliably

What I’m trying to do

I want to embed websites in my note with ![]() syntax instead of iframes, because this is much faster and prettier.

Things I have tried

I have read the wiki and when I just copy paste the examples given they just work fine.
But whatever URL I insert in the brackets it would just show the last word greyed out and with a small green/white icon (eg if I do it just greys out “Transiente” with the icon described)

So both, the examples and iframes, do work, but I want to use ![](

Thanks beforehead

As far as I know, the only website embeds (images are fine) that will work using the ![]() syntax are direct links to YouTube videos.

![]( ← won’t work
![]( ← works

You could try out one of the media embed plugins. There are also full “web-embed” plugins to embed entire websites in Obsidian (Surfing, Open Gate, and Custom Frames are the options I know of).


Thanks for the info, I couldn’t find anything regarding this!

I already recognized the difference between those to types, but since the tweet embedding also works I thought it should be possible to just embed any html from the web.

The plugins you mentioned are great in a way, but in my case I just want to quickly preview (mostly) wikipedia or stackexchange content without much overhead. Browsing for those three plugins I came across the ReadItLater Plugin which allows you to store a webpage as markdown note in your vault and they even have special processing for mastodon and stackexchange pages \o/, so I will try this for the moment :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!