Can't drag and drop files into iCloud Drive Obsidian vault folder in Mac Finder

In the Finder, I’m not able to drag and drop files into my vault folder, which is inside my iCloud Drive folder. (I have it set up this way so that I can use shortcuts with the mobile version of Obsidian.) When I drag the file over the vault, the cursor icon turns into a circle with a bar through this. This is a problem when, e.g., I save a PDF from the web, and want to move it into my vault. I should be able to move files in and out of the vault folder outside of Obsidian, correct?

Steps to reproduce

1/ Open a Finder window, navigate to the vault folder. (Vault folder should be inside iCloud Drive folder.)
2/ Drag a file into the Finder window.
3/ Instead of moving the file, the system changes the cursor to a circle with a bar through it.

Expected result

I expect the file to move into the vault folder, and then to show up in Obsidian.

Actual result

Instead, I get a cursor icon that looks like a circle with a bar through it.


  • Operating system: MacOS Big Sur
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19

Additional information

What does work: I can drag and drop files into Obsidian itself, and it correctly moves the files into the vault folder. I am also able to save files into the vault folder using shortcuts on my phone, so at least something is still working.

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So you’re dragging a file into Finder? This doesn’t sound like an Obsidian bug, it sounds like a MacOS filesystem issue. (I’ll move this topic to Help.)

Can you show a screenshot of what that circle-bar cursor looks like? Are there any other symbols on the vault folder in Finder? (For example, you see a cloud icon on the folder when it isn’t currently downloaded/local.)

This was known issue in the past. Download and reinstall Obsidian.

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