Can't create daily note or zettelkasten

I am unable to create a daily not or zettelkasten note with the core plugins. I used to be able to, but it hasn’t worked for a few weeks now.

  • A few weeks ago I changed my folder names
  • I updated the path for the plugin to match the new folder name
  • Now whenever I try to create a note using either plugin

What I have tried

  • I tried changing the path a million times
  • I tried folders with and without emojis
  • I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Obsidian
  • I tried going through the support docs and the forum but I didn’t come across anything that solved my problem.
  • I also noticed when I looked at core plugins in the file that both the Zettelkasten and Daily note plugin are not there.


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Will you upload a screen capture of your settings for each plugin? It will be helpful.

Here you go

Do one thing at a time. Focus on Daily Notes. Make sure the plugin is Enabled. Even though it says “Inbox”, change it to a different folder, and then change it back to Inbox, make sure its the full path. Don’t just type “Inbox”. Erase that and click the field to see all the folders and pick the correct one.

You mentioned that you couldn’t find the plugins under Core, they are Third Party plugins, and are under the Community Plugins.

Worst case, uninstall the plugins, close Obsidian, reopen Obsidian, reinstall the plugins, Enable the plugins, Change the Settings to the desired folder.

Thanks for your help @Obsidandnancy & @jwl. I found this forum post which prompted me to remove the colon from the time format. That fixed my problem.


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