Can't change font style

What I’m trying to do

  • Change the fonts in Obsidian on a new laptop to the ones I’m used to.

I’ve been using Obsidian for more than a year now on a laptop with Linux Mint 21.2. A short time ago I acquired a new laptop; I installed Ubuntu 23.10.1 to it, copied my Obsidian vault folder from the old laptop to the new, and launched Obsidian from there. The appearance settings were apparently saved in the same folder, so the default dark color scheme and my chosen accent color were applied automatically. However, the font changed back to the default for some reason, and no other font works (I can choose other fonts in the menu, and they are indicated to be available, but the font does not change).

Things I have tried

  • Changing the fonts in Settings → Appearance → Font (whatever fonts I choose, both the font of the interface and the font of the notes remains the same, restarting does not help).

  • Switching to different themes (if a theme contains a specific font, it is applied correctly; however, in themes without specific fonts the font is still the default Obsidian one; again, restarting Obsidian does not help)

  • Deleting the ‘appearance.json’ file in the ‘.obsidian’ folder of my vault and restarting Obsidian (as suggested here)

  • Adding a CSS snippet as described here

Typically* the font you set in Settings > Appearance needs to be installed on the device for Obsidian to use it.

Don’t know if that’s the issue here, but make sure the font(s) you want to use are actually installed on the new device. If the font has many variations, you may need to manually type it in the text field instead of selecting from the drop down list.

*You can also import Google fonts or base64 encode them (what themes with customs fonts do), but that shouldn’t be necessary here.

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