Can't buy catalyst account

Steps to reproduce

This is a problem with the website. I’m trying to purchase the catalyst package but I can’t authenticate. I reset my password (twice now) but I can’t seem to use that password to log in to pay for the Catalyst club

Expected result

You should take my money.

Actual result

Can’t give you money :confused:


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:

Doesn’t matter

Additional information


Maybe not your issue, but do you realize that the forum and payment use two different accounts? I had the same problem before realizing this, in fact I still mean to buy catalyst but haven’t yet because I had this problem then forgot to get back to it

as @danbburg said. Logins are separate. You need to create an account here

It’s quite confusing because if you do a password restore from that link it restores your forum password -

I was able to catylyze, but forgot to add my UN here to get my badge.

Thanks for the info .

this is odd