Can't apply different version of Inter

The default Inter font has some issues with diacritics, e.g. combined macron + acute:


So I took it upon myself to fix it:


However, when I select a font in Appearance, there are two versions:


But applying either of them results in a default behavior, even though any other word processor renders glyphs correctly now.

I assume it applies the default font no matter what since they have the same name, and I’m not sure how to fix that at this point :frowning:

Could you possibly rename your version of the font while you are working with it?

It’s not a very practical solution (there are 36 fonts in the family and I’d need to do it manually with every update), but seems to be the only one. And yes, by including an extra symbol into the font I tested that whichever option I choose, the program always picks up a default font, not my custom version, so that’s confirmed.

I also found out that Obsidian does not look ahead when applying GSUB opentype rules. So instead of proper a + (macron + acute) it follows sequentially (a + macron) + acute despite the rule order. It can be fixed with additional tables, but is convoluted.

Well, if you keep the other version, and forego any updates it’s a one time operation.

So not being familiar with font changes, I see the alternatives:

  1. Get the one causing this issue to fix it
  2. Make a copy, and fix it yourself
  3. Choose a different font, which doesn’t have this issue
  4. Live with it…

Sorry, I can’t be more helpful, but I’m not sure who can fix it whether that is the Obsidian team somehow, or possibly the render engine used by Obsidian, or the creator of the font.

Is the issue present in both live preview and reading view? The use different render engines, if I’m not mistaken.

Indeed, as a quick ‘patch’ I’ve manually renamed all the files and it works. For the issue with Inter itself: already reported to the creators. As for Obsidian, the inability to choose local Inter is most probably a bug, and misinterpretation of ccmp GSUB order looks like a bug, but I’d need more testing to confirm.

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