Cannot unencrypt notes after moving vault into a nextcloud folder

Things I have tried

*I tried moving my vault back into the original location.
*I tried opening the vault in a different program
*I tried opening the vault through Obsidian’s vault opening prompts
*I have gone through the internet and learned that I need to enter a password somewhere. Where do I access this portal to put in my password? Is it done automatically?

What I’m trying to do


I am having some issues accessing my vault after moving my vault from my windows documents folder to a nextcloud folder. When I open the vault in the nextcloud, every file starts with “HBEGIN:oc_encryption_module:OC_DEFAULT_MODULE:cipher:AES-256-CTR:signed:true:HEND”. How do I unencrypt my documents? Lucky for me, I was saving backups but I am still missing some information I would like back between my last backup and this move.

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