Cannot type ƒ character (option+F) in editor

  • 0.11.7
  • macOS
  • fresh vault, no plugins or custom CSS enabled

On macOS, the ƒ symbol has a long history of representing “folder”. I still use this shorthand in notes sometimes, but recently found that it can’t be typed in Obsidian. My workaround for this is to call up Spotlight, press ⌥f, copy the symbol and then paste it into Obsidian.

Pressing +f in Obsidian seems to trigger a “move cursor to right edge of the next word” or something like that. There doesn’t seem to be a way to disable this or change it. Any way this can be fixed—or is this an upstream issue?

(hope this isn’t a dupe… I tried searching, but “⌥ƒ” isn’t an easy thing to search for…)

$ uni identify 'ƒ'
     cpoint  dec    utf8        html       name (cat)
'ƒ'  U+0192  402    c6 92       ƒ     LATIN SMALL LETTER F WITH HOOK (Lowercase_Letter)

this is likely a conflict with another Mac thing that we (Codemirror) do support emancsy style shortcuts. We are not gonna change this.

Thanks. I found it’s bound to the goWordRight command by CodeMirror: CodeMirror: User Manual

Hmm. Ok is it possible to override this binding with a plugin? Maybe I will try making a small plugin for it if yes…

Just saw that this is working out of the box now in 0.11.10 ! :tada: Thank you!