Cannot sync MP3 or Videos

Hi, I have obsidian on my computer and I have just purchased sync to now have it on my phone. Except I cannot get MP3 and Video files to upload from desktop even with the settings, everything being turned on to sync.

Everything else is so far syncing great (notes, Canvas, snippets, plugins, images) but cannot get mp3 and mp4 to be recognised as files to upload into sync.

Things I have tried

Turning on and off, unchecking and rechecking boxes, pausing and unpausing sync.

Any advice would be great thanks!

Hello! So support got back to me and it was simply because my files were over 5 mb. So simple but didn’t realise that was the only thing I hadn’t tried. So made MP3 below 5mb and it worked!

Leaving this here for anyone else who is like me!