Cannot subscribe to Obsidian Sync. Reset password email link never arrives, despite receipt of other emails from

I feel the issue I am having is best reported via a “contact us” email link (or email form), yet none exists, so I’m forced to post my problem here. If there was another way I should have handled this issue, please advise.

I am trying to subscribe to Obsidian Sync. For some reason, the Obsidian site won’t let me sign in using the password I supplied when registering only a few days ago. I’ve never actually seen my password, as it is generated by and stored in a password vault. I merely copy (i.e. clipboard) the password from the vault and paste it into the sign in form.

I attempted to reset my password. When I supply the email address I registered with and click “reset password,” I never receive the reset password link. I did receive the “verify your account” email when I registered, so I know I am not rejecting emails from The email is not in any junk folder nor is my email provider (Rackspace) filtering them.

This is stopping me from subscribing to Obsidian Sync.

I’m just guessing here, but based on the fact that your Forum account was created on January 6th, are you by any chance trying to log in with that? If that is the case, you’ll have to create another account for Obsidian itself.

The Forum Account and an Obsidian Account are two different things.

There is one: [email protected]

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Exactly what @Olondre said. And I’ll repeat for emphasis.

  1. Forum -
  2. Obsidian App (for Sync, Publish, Catalyst, and logging in inside the app) -
  3. Obsidian Sync encrypted vaults - each synced vault can have a separate unique encryption password, unrelated to your accounts. You still need an Obsidian Sync account first.
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