Cannot see iCloud Drive Obsidian folder on Mac

Things I have tried

So the iCloud Drive /Obsidian folder exists (and the vault I want to sync has path /Users/alison/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/Zettelkasten iMac )

I can open and sync the vault (which is a tiny test vault) on my phone and iPad so it’s fine, and I can view files using a see-all-the-files viewer (Forklift) on my iMac (they don’t show up with ‘show hidden files’ though).

Obsidian folder is visible in iCloud in settings (only on Manage iCloud, not in the list of apps using iCloud) and can be shown in finder but Obsidian doesn’t appear to be able to open it at all.

Pasting the path into the open vault dialog (using cmd-shift-g) does not work.

I have searched like mad on both Obsidian helpfiles, forum and discord , and on Google for the general problem of iCloud files not showing up.

What I’m trying to do

I need iCloud sync. I am not interested in Obsidian sync or third party sync. Obsidian could be the best program in the world but without iCloud sync between my iMac and iPad it is of no use to me.

I want a backlinked markdown note storage app that works fast and seamlessly across iMac and iPad. It does not have to be Obsidian!

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Hi guys

Im having the same problem - the Obsidian (iCloud) folder shows on the files app for iPad, but doesn’t appear on iCloud Drive for Mac.

Its like the folder is hidden. The contents can be revealed by going to system preferences → Apple ID → iCloud → manage (storage) → Obsidian → Show in finder

But this does not allow Obsidian on Mac to select the folder as it is hidden.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi guys,
I had the same issue right now and tried a lot to get my iOS Obsidian up and running. I installed Obsidian on my iPhone, iCloud Drive was active and running, I created a new fault and…nothing happened on the iCloud Drive. Then I turned on “show hidden files” on the Mac and there was hidden Obsidian folder (for what ever reason) and so iCloud Drive couldn’t see the folder. After I had deleted this hidden folder, I installed the app on my iPad and did the same procedure. And voila! It works…and after the iPad created the correct Obsidian folder on the iCloud Drive, the iPhone app works, too…very strange!

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