Cannot resize tabs

What I’m trying to do

Hi, new to obsidian i was playing around with plug-ins and tried the sliding-panels one without knowing the feature was now embeded and called stacked tabs. Anyway I installed it and had a warning message asking me to unstall it, which i did. Since then the slider to resize tabs wont show. This is very anoying as this does not allow me to resize tabs and i cannot have to tabs side by side anymore…

Things I have tried

I tried deleteding all the “AppData” (2 un “local”, one in “roaming”) obsidian related folders, reinstalling Obsidian and creating a new vault, but nothing works… Any clue?

Thanks for your help!

Obsidian settings are per-vault, and in the VAULT/.obsidian folder. That’s the one you (usually) want to move/rename/change when troubleshooting.

Thx for the input! Unfortunately i did delete that folder completely and as well as the other appdata folders AND vault folder did a clean new install but no change… this morning i figured the behaviour had “contaminated” my work computer that was synced with “Obsidian Sync”

Can you post a screenshot/gif/video? That might help so we’re 100% clear on the issue. If a screenshot, maybe a red arrow or two pointing to the problem area?

Here’s the behaviour after the following steps:
->Deleting “AppData/Local/Obsidian/” + “AppData/Local/.obsidian” + “AppData/Roaming/obsidian” + Vault Folder
->Fresh install
->New vault

You can see the vertical slider appears but not the horizontal one…


Understood. Thanks for the gif.

That looks like normal behavior. The native Stacked tabs feature functions differently from the old Andy’s sliding panes plugin. There’s no cursor/drag resize for Stacked tabs.

You can change the width with a CSS snippet, and I think GitHub - pjeby/pane-relief: Obsidian plugin for per-pane history, pane movement/navigation hotkeys, and more has a few options, but I haven’t seen drag resize in a while. There may be a Feature Request to bring the vertical drag to Stacked tabs.

Did you mean that it is not possible to resize stacked tabs at all, or that you can resize them without any specific cursor showing? I don’t know about the old sliding panes since I am a new user, but i cannot reseize it at all (even if i try to slide the the tab horizontally) and i’m pretty sure i used to be able to resize it just before i mistakenly tried that plug-in

Apologies, I should have said pointer instead of cursor. There’s no way in vanilla Obsidian to change the width of individual stacked tabs with your mouse pointer.

This CSS can be used to adjust the width:

body {
    --tab-stacked-pane-width: 900px; /* default is 700px */

and there may be a plugin that offers something like this now, but I haven’t heard of one.

:exploding_head: I’m so sure i did change the width…! I guess late night geeking must have fried my mind… Thank you for your help!

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