Cannot read property 'update' of undefined > Chromebook Android version

Steps to reproduce

  • Have set up Obsidian Sync on two other devices

  • My Chromebook cannot load the AppImage correctly (Lenovo Duet)

  • Downloaded the Android App

  • Connected to vault, everything was ok after initial index.

  • Did some changes on other devices, when I came back to the Chromebook, I have this message when opening my notes.

  • Can open settings and empty notes, but existing notes have this problem.

Expected result

Be able to open my existing notes

Actual result

Fails to load markdown file with message Cannot read property 'update' of undefined


  • Operating system: Chrome OS (APK version)

  • Debug info:
    Debug info only shows installed plugins.
    I’ve disabled all of them, however there are some that keep faling to load

Additional information

  • Cannot enable some plugins with the plugin failed to load message

enter safe mode, no themes, no css.
Restart obsidian.

Where did you put your vault?

Thanks :+1:
Going into Safe Mode did the trick. I will now go over each of my plugins to see which may have caused the error

vault was in the ‘Documents’ folder

I am still unable to enable certain Community plugins, for example breadcrumbs, I only get the message Failed to load plugin breadcrumbs - Debug info is the same

So I have no idea about your platform. But how up-to-date are your plugins? There is a chance they aren’t supported. And there is a chance they just need to pull the latest versions from Github.

I don’t recommend syncing your community plugins between Desktop and Android. I suggest turning off community sync, deleting all your community plugins, and then add them one at a time as you need them.

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