Cannot open vault from folder on IOS app

Obsidian on IOS

Cannot open vault from folder

I am trying to use Obsidian on my iPhone and would like to use pre-existing markup files to start a vault. However, I only see options for “How to setup sync” and “Create new vault” when I enter the app, with no option to open a vault from a local folder.

Is this a limitation of the IOS app or am I doing something wrong? In addition can I open a folder from Google Drive, or only locally from my phone (once the first part is resolved) ?

Thanks in advance!

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This is the same issue I have. I have a vault on my MacBook that is located in an iCloud Drive folder (iCloud:Writing:Notes).

I want to be able to access this folder on my phone, but it seems that the iOS app can only access folders within Obsidian’s iCloud Drive folder, so the only way I could get it to work was to move it to iCloud:Obsidian:Notes.

Hopefully a future update will allow the app to recognize other folders so I can put my notes back in the writing folder, but for now it seems like the only option is to move that vault to Obsidian’s folder in iCloud.

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