Cannot open Obsidian in Macbook

I am using Obsidian very long time and I did not have any issue before.

Recently I installed a plugin (cannot remember the name) then wanted to restart the Obsidian but I cannot open now.

When I try to open I can see very long time the “Loading Workspace” page and after that a blank space

What do you suggest?


I have deleted the app and re-installed but it did not work

Try disabling community plugins.

  1. close obsidian
  2. using a plain text editor (notepad, etc) open PATH_TO_VAULT/.obsidian/community-plugins.json. You will see a file like this. You may need to enable showing hidden files to see the .obsidian folder.

  1. edit it so the contents of the file are []. This just disables the plugins. You can re-enable them later from settings.
  2. try launching Obsidian again

Wow, that is great. I did not know you can do that. Thank you for sharing. Also the plugin that makes the issue is “Simple Mention”

Thank you again for your help @pmbauer


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