Cannot move Obsidian window on M1 MBP

My Obsidian window has a fixed position in the center of my screen. Started a couple of weeks ago. I can resize I but not move it.

Things I have tried

Made safe restart and removed and reinstalled Obsidian but problem persist. Running Ventura 13.2 on 14" MBP M1

Are you using any window management apps like Magnet or Moom?

This probably won’t help, but: did you try the various options of the window’s green “traffic light” button (press “Opt” while hovering over it for more options)? Maybe cycling thru the options there will “jiggle the handle” and unstick the window (I’m guessing not since the situation is so persistent, but it’s something to try).

As a temporary workaround, can you “move” it by resizing it? Like, pull the top left corner to the top left, then pull the bottom right corner the the top left?

Can you maybe show a screenshot. Maybe some Mac user will spot what is happening.

Sorry for the delay. Have been traveling. It may be an app in Ventura that screws up window handling. I managed to move the Obsidian window once and tried to understand why it worked that time. I know now. If I move another app window and immediately try to mow Obsidian it can be moved. If I do something in between moving the windows Obsidian window is fixed. This only happens with Obsidian. I checked Joplin, another electron app, but it works fine. I use a large display and now I can move the window to it which solves my problem even if it is cumbersome.

I am also running into this problem, and I’m on an intel MPB, not M1. Also not using any sort of window management app.

I’ve also removed and reinstalled Obsidian.

Wherever the window is when it opens, it cannot be moved, only resized. However, I found that if I shift the focus onto another app, then attempt to move window, it works. As soon as I let go of my mouse and the focus shifts back to Obsidian, I can no longer move it without shifting the focus away first. No other application on my computer does this.

What can I do to help?

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