Cannot make one-time payment to Obsidian-refuses zip code

Tried to make one-time contribution to Obsidian. In both Firefox and Chrome (latest versions of everything) the credit card form refuses my CCN, says “Your postal code is incomplete.” It’s a Canadian postal code which is 6-digits plus maybe a space. Then I made up a 5-digit US-style zip code and it took it. SUggest you tell Shopify to drop the zip code field which is too small anyway.

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Do you live in Canada but have a card emitted by an US bank/institution?

Yep. It’s a US card but it only knows my Canada address. The zip field wouldn’t accept alpha numerics.

I am not sure I wanna blame stripe for not handling this. I don’t even know if they can.
You are gonna have to remember this, as I am sure you’ll encounter this problem in the future.

I’ve lived in Canada 12+ years with this CC and no problems. Anyway, doesn’t matter to me if it’s fixed or not, thought I was helping.

ok thanks

Let me close by saying Obsidian is great. Really enjoying using it and I appreciate all the work.

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