Cannot get Publish collaboration to work

I’m wanting to use Publish as an internal wiki for my small team, and while I’ve had a great experience using it on my own and pushing changes for others to see, I’ve had no luck getting collaboration to work.

I tried it just with my wife’s laptop and her email, and though she can accept the collab invite, when she opens obsidian in a test vault and tries to download the publish site locally, there is no option to. How does a collaborator download the publish site to their computer as a vault?

All that happens is Publish incorrectly thinks that she is already in the vault, has deleted everything (because it detects the vault is blank) and wants to push the changes. Which means deleting the entire vault!

I guess one hack would be for me to somehow send every collaborator the entire vault through some file transfer service, but that would be awkward, unsecure and is surely not intended behaviour.

I’ve invited another collaborator, this time a colleague of mine, and he can also accept the invite. But when he downloads obsidian, opens a blank test vault and goes to the publish plugin, hitting the publish button (that little paper aeroplane) comes up with something like “unexpected error” in red text.

Has anyone who got Publish to work collaboratively got any experience they’d like to share?

at the moment the workflow seems to be to right click and select “use live version” to pull changes from the site, which isn’t the most elegant. It would be nice to have a single button to pull all changes.
Of course if you’ve made your own edits to files that got changed by someone else, things get dicey, but a few helper functions to reduce friction would go a long way I feel.

You have to get your notes synced separately, Publish only publishes changes to existing notes.

Sorry, what does this mean? I am supposed to handle it myself? So for my collaborator to get the entire vault onto their device to start collaborating, I need to send them all the files in the vault first?

So if I have a publish site with, say 100 files, my collaborator has to right click and use live version for every file individuall and manually ?

At the moment yeah. I’m planning to send a zip to my collaborators to accelerate this on occasion but as things stand it’s not powerful enough to honestly call “seamless collaboration”. It’s convenient and fast to go directly from my markdown notes to a working site for one person (without which I would have moved on to some other technology by now), but I hope some frictionless collaboration features are on the way.

Yes, syncing of files is not included in the Publish subscription.

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