Cannot edit canvas cards after updating to v1.4.10

Steps to reproduce

After updating to v1.4.10…

  • Drag card onto a canvas.
  • Attempt to edit card via button or clicking.
  • Nothing happens.


  • Attempt to edit an existing card with text in it
  • Observe that the text disappears while edit is active and typing does nothing.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Yes - I replicated in the sandbox vault

Expected result

Should be able to type text into a new or existing canvas card

Actual result

Typing while editing a card does nothing


Obsidian v1.4.10
macOS 14.0 beta
macOS 13.5

Additional information


will be fixed 1.4.11

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Confirmed that 1.4.11 fixes this.

Many thanks!

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