Cannot delete note, because deleted note magically reappears in the folder!

Things I have tried

I can delete files (notes) from the navigator if the Deleted files setting is set to the .trash folder or “Permanently delete”.

However, if the ‘Files & Links’ setting for Deleted Files is “Move to system trash”, then when i attempt to delete a file, it first briefly disappears, but then flashes back into existence.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to delete a file or note.

I appreciate in advance any help

What OS?

Is your vault stored in a syncing folder, like iCloud, One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc? Do you access your vault with any other apps? Does it still do this if you turn off community plugins?

Thanks for the help clarifying my request!
Mac OS. I’ll troubleshoot based on your questions and respond.

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