Cannot delete my Discord account

Things I have tried

tried twice to delete my Discord account so that I can create a discord account that is the same as my Obsidian account. All I get is a bot saying confirm this email to get help. Then no help comes.

I tried deleting the account on the Discord site, but do not get the expected request to supply account information.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to become an Obsidian supporter, but the Obsidian and Discord accounts need to be the same. I cannot delete my Discord account so that I can re-register with Discord with the same email address as Obsidian.

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Have you reached out to Discord support?

I have contacted them 3 times. Today for the 4th time I got the email saying confirm that you want to delete your account. The person writing to me has a human name, but I may be communicating with a Bott.

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