Cannot copy from file explorer and paste in obsidian, menu bar missing

What I’m trying to do

(windows 12)

  1. copy file from file explorer, and paste in obsidian not working.
  2. menu bar not show up in top.
  3. develop console not working.

Things I have tried

  1. reinstall, reinstall with admin, disable all plugins.
  2. debug mode not show up any message

    drag, copy, cut not working.

You can’t drag a file into the Obsidian Files tab. You can:

  • Drag a file (a .md file would be best) into the body of a note. It will create a link and add the file to your vault.
  • Move/copy the file into your vault using Windows File Explorer.

Maybe Settings > Appearance > Window frame style ?

How is it not working?

Hi Ariehen, thanks for the reply which is efficiently helpful!
regarding the 3rd issue, if the drag/copy/move not work, then it makes sense that the develop console showed nothing, which means it is fine.

Thank you again for your help!

No problem! Ahh, I see. I thought three different things. :+1:

Hello :wave:

The directory of all the notes and folders in a vault that normally defaults to the left tab of the Obsidian window?

On macOS it is possible to drag files and folders from the desktop or Finder into the Obsidian files tab. Is that not possible on other OS platforms or have I completely misunderstood?

With thanks :blush:

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@eightning - oh my goodness you are right. I was using a new vault with no folders and thought it was Windows thing. You can’t drag anything into the empty space in the Files tab, but you can drag a file into a folder or on your vault name to place it in the root of your vault. :melting_face:


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Thanks for the help.

You are right, files can be dragged but not folders as I had originally written above (edited above for clarity).


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