Cannot copy a folded section using keyboard

I can select a folded section using the mouse / trackpad and it will select the header and hidden content. The key to doing this is selecting the ellipsis after the header (which seems intuitive enough).

However, I cannot do the same using the keyboard alone. Keyboard shortcuts always end up expanding the fold once it gets to the ellipsis. This includes the Shift+End shortcut. The Shift+End shortcut works, however.

Here’s a video: Obsidian select fold "bug" - YouTube

Would be great if we could select the ellipsis with all the regular selection shortcuts and/or be able to assign a hotkey to select the current line, which would select the line + content if the line is folded.

shift end works perfectly fine for me.

Oh yes, shift end works for me too. Not sure why I thought it didn’t. Could have sworn I checked. But it’s a very awkward combo on a some (many?) laptop keyboards though - the end key is small and can’t be easily reached without looking (this is on a Lenovo). Much easier to use ctrl shift right.