Cannot clear three splits on right sidebar on Mac

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Clear three splits on sidebar on Mac

I my right sidebar has three splits (one for the calendar and two with the same backlinks for each note I open. I have searched the forum and found one guy who had this problem and copied his entire vault to another, new vault to correct it. Are there any other solutions that someone can recommend? If I have to copy contents to another vault, can someone provide detailed instructions for Mac? Will all of my formatting and settings automatically be copied over? I have attached a screenshot.

Things I have tried

split sidebar mac

If you expand the sidebar and right click on their top tabs, do you have a Close option?

Also, if you turn off Settings > Core Plugins → Backlinks and Settings > Community plugins → Calendar, then restart, do they go away or at least offer an option to close them? You may also need to expand the sidebar to see the “this plugin is no longer active” message, “close” button, etc.

Thank you so much for your response. I was eventually able to close one tab and then slide the calendar to the bottom half by dragging the icon. So, all is well.
There is quite a steep learning curve to Obsidian. I’m a newb, so I am especially grateful for this forum. Thank you.

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