Cannot access community plugin store with vpn

Things I have tried

I am currently located in mainland China. I use cisco anyconnect or https proxy to access blocked web services and usually it works well. But for obsidian I tried global vpn(anyconnect), modify hosts file, nothing works.

Error code consistently throws Failed to load community plugin.

What I’m trying to do

I want to make global vpn proxy works for obsidian.

Try to use the VPN application that supports adding additional proxies to the network. Personally, I use OPEN VPN dedicated server and a couple of the Indonesian proxies to bypass the Firewall in China, sometimes is very hard to do and does not work well because of restrictions, but most times, I stay undetected and anonymous. I can suggest you think about buying cheap VPS hosting services to put VPN and proxies on this server to ensure that you will stay undetected by Firewall.

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