Cancel Publish, how?

I tried Publish for 2 weeks

After 2 weeks experimenting with Publish, I want to stop using Publish:

  1. I cannot find a good solution for custom domain due to https:// certificate.
  2. My webhoster has no solution for proxy to another url; I only get a webforward in an iFrame with my custom domain but without the complete url path behind it; Cloudfare is not free (CNAME is a paid service)
  3. It is to difficult to make a separation between public and personal information in my vault

I want to cancel my subscription for Publish

  • How can I cancel my account for Publish?
  • How can I remove my credit card details in my Obsidian account?
  • How can I remove my published site on

I know you may want to cancel anyway, but I setup Cloudflare for free. It sounds like you’re (understandably) confusing CNAME records with CNAME setup (Understanding a CNAME Setup – Cloudflare Help Center)

What you need from clouldflare is under their free service.
I am not sure if you attempted to follow the instructions here

If you need more help, you may hop into discord in the channel public #publish

If you still want to cancel, you can do so by managing your account at

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