Can you embed filtered backlinks in a page?

Things I have tried

  • Searching Google
  • Searching the Obsidian forums
  • Looking through the menus

What I’m trying to do

When I have a “person page”, I would like to be able to then mention that person in meeting notes (which are always tagged with #meeting), and then when I go to that person’s page be able to have a list of meetings they were mentioned in under a “Meetings” heading. Ideally, I would just include this section and list in my template that I use for all people pages.

Is this possible at all currently?

You can do it with the dataview plugin.

  1. Mark every person with “#person” and every meeting with “#meeting”.

  2. In your meetings you add persons by simply adding links [[Jane Smith]]. And then add a table:

table without id
    link(, title) as "Person"
where contains(this.file.inlinks, and contains(file.tags, "#person")
sort date desc ```

Replace the “…” with anything else you want to display, or delete if the name is all you need. Check out the documentation what you can access from a file here.

It should get you a list of persons that link to this meeting.

Analogously you can get a list of persons that link to this meeting, by placing the above code into a person and replacing #person with #meeting.

Hope tha thelps!

considering u mentioned “filtered backlinks”, then this post should be what u need. see the plugin (Obsidian Query Control) in use in the post. note that you have to install it using BRAT plugin.

also, if ur note doesn’t have the person and tag within same paragraph/list-item, u might want to use section: ([[Ipsum]]) OR #ACMECorp

alternatively, u can use this plugin

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