Can you change Hotkeys for "word" cursor movement?

I checked Hotkeys in settings (searched for “cursor” or “word”).
I checked Palette (searched for same).
Got no hits which represented “word” movement (i.e., Option + Left/Right arrow keys on MacBook)

What I’m trying to do

I was hoping to rebind the keys for word motion from the default.
The default is:

  • Option + Left/Right is previous/next word boundary
  • Command + Left/Right is beginning/end of line

I was hoping to switch these, or just have both sets do word motion.

Rationale/motivation: I use word motion a lot, while beginning/end of line I do rarely; in contrast, Option + Left/Right is a key combo much less comfortable than Command + Left/Right. Even if both keybindings were to do word motion, that is not a concern as I still have beginning/end of line (which I use rarely) using Emacs bindings of Ctrl-A/Ctrl-E.

I think this has more to do with your operating system, not Obsidian.

Some apps I use on MacOS to control the keyboard are, Hammerspoon, Karabiner Elements, and Better Touch Tool (less so).

Karabiner Elements is very useful for keyboard customization. And Hammerspoon is extremely powerful, but takes a bit of scripting in Lua.

I don’t know if they can do what you said, specifically. But it’s a decent bet to look into.

Your other option is learning and using Vim bindings. But I know that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

@rigmarole is right, I think. These are actually hotkeys for text navigation provided by macOS:

I wrote a plugin to provide some of these inside Obsidian, though it is not fully functional with Live Preview at the moment.


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