Can you add the name of the current doc in the window title?

can you add the name of current document in the windows title so that it reads as obsidian vX.X.X - vault name - file name?



Imo it should be reversed. file name - vault name - obsidian vX.Y.Z. Most relevant/important to least so.

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indeed, it would be better for legibility, BUT on second thought, keeping \vault\filename makes it easier to retrieve the doc name in autohotkey for instance so you don’t have to fiddle with re-ordering stuff once the title is parsed.

Win10 Taskbar: File-name (if any) should be first, then Vault-name

Agree, for at least on Win10, for the sake of taskbar.

:disappointed: In Win10 Taskbar, v0.80 shows “Obsidian Version > Vault-name” as application icon. The limited width of app icon blocks up visibility of Vault-name, making switching from vault to vault (or file to file) via Taksbar difficult!!


At minimum (when unable to add File-name in window title in any way), Vault-name should take precedence over Obsidian Ver.

Developers pls consider.


Linking this for the order of words

I’d say that Vault - File - Obsidian is best for me, since Vault is what differentiates the windows. The file is good, but I can change it in one click - I can’t change my Vault without opening a new window, so that’s what I want to be aware of without having to click.

Moreover, not sure how it would work technically to add file name; since you can split your window in several panels with each one file, would it rename the window everytime you move from one corner to another?


I would appreciate this feature.

I use Timing to track my computer usage and having the filename in the title would make Timing include that information to the tracking.


Workaround suggested by @Simulation1 for Windows OS.

Change window title bar to “Vault Name - Obsidian version”

Similar request
Put note name (editable) in top bar by @den

It’s a minor change in code with huge impact on usability. Being able to see vault’s name on the taskbar is essential.

Developers, pls consider.


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