Can You Add Checkboxes in the Middle of a Sentence?

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What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to add a check box, at the beginning of the text but at the end or middle of the text. Is it possible in some way?

Does Adding a Checkbox this Way Work: - Yes -[ x ] No

Things I have tried

I’ve tried doing a bit of research to see if it was possible but all I got results for was how to add them at the beginning of the line of text.

The answer is: Yes but No. You can add them via HTML Coding but they don’t work the same as the “- ” ones do.

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That’s not the only option, though. Using a plugin like the meta bind plugin, or even dataviewjs you can hook it up so that the v state is shown in the properties.

I recently did a similar variant from a table setup, but that should be doable from inside ax line as well.

I’m not able to write or look it up just now, but it’s possible to store it using a little extra code.

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