Can We Use the New Bookmark Features to Replace "Structure Notes"?

I’m intrigued by various note-taking doctrines and flows, and the thinking behind them etc., but am very new to the field, and all I have is a fuzzy understanding of the general lie of the land. I was thinking of adopting a more stricter “atomic-note” note workflow. A sort of experiment on the more Zettlekasten-ish side of things to see how it works for me.

The new Bookmark feature of Obsidian looks really interesting, and with its dynamic composability etc. it seems to have of potential. I was wondering if it might work as a way to implement a sort of index note or a collection of index notes, with the collections organizing bookmarks to annotated index notes or directly to atomic notes?

If so, would it offer any advantage over just a plain old note doing the same thing?


I personally use a bookmark group as a project, similar to how people use Scrivener.

Then inside the group, I have related files for that project ie: Canvas dashboard, script, and research files.

Personally, the ‘atomic note’ ‘zettlekasten’ philosophy of note-taking is a bit broad for my liking.

I stick to long-outlined files :man_shrugging:

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I completely think I will use bookmarks infinitely more than moc or index style notes fit creative projects, at least. I feel more comfortable adding stuff to a Bookmark Group for a project than an actual note because it is just an easier process and I don’t have to deal with any of the other baggage that I might feel fleshing out an index note. Plus, I don’t think there is a way to make a Clickable link to a specific graph setup beyond Bookmarks and I think the global graph with specific and intentional filters can be a super powerful tool.

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Why not use folders for projects?

I currently use folders for writing projects. One project = one folder, with an index note in each containing links to assets and status updates on the project. I also have folders for areas of responsibility: Job hunting, finance, etc.

What’s the advantage of using bookmarks instead of folders?

With the “zettlekasten proper” subfolder, I use Nick Milo’s ACCESS structure. I have a separate “projects” folder outside of the zettlekasten hierarchy where I keep longer form drafts, production/thought “artifacts” (images, tables, figures, etc.) related specifically to projects.

Within the Zettlekasten subfolder, I imagine bookmarks could replace/augment/complement the folder hierarchy in “Spaces” or as a sort of “pre-MOC”. E.g. pulling some notes together in a potentially hierarchized collection for a temporary purpose. I imagine that if something is of any real long-term value I would still want to go the full structure/index/moc note route due to the persistence of a full document and its access/availability/longevity outside of Obsidian.

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