Can we remove the mobile toolbar Toggle Keyboard button?


What I’m trying to do

I had a 3-row mobile toolbar set up using the Commander community plugin, but after an update, the mobile toolbar now has a Toggle Keyboard button taking up the whole right column, and from what I can tell so far– Doesn’t seem to be removable. Being right-handed this side is prime real-estate. Is there a way? It seems un-Obsidian-like for them to force a UI element to be used a certain way, so I’m holding out hope.

Things I have tried

Searching all settings in the app and active community plugins.

Got a new phone (previous one was too old to run current iOS) and this issue seems to be the same. Had hoped it was just because I was stuck in an older iOS.

I’m not on iOS, but could you show a screenshot of your issue? And is the button from Obsidian, the plugin or iOS?

Yes– My guess is it’s from Obsidian, as it doesn’t show up in any other app, and first appeared after an app update.

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