Can we please disable/customize Shift-Enter shortcut?

Use case or problem

So many apps I use daily - Slack, Discord, Messages, even Vim, allow you to hold shift while hitting Enter to get a single line break. It’s a habit I’ve picked up and do regularly because many apps “send” a message when you hit “enter.” In Obsidian, though, it doesn’t insert a line break at the cursor, it just keeps adding one after the cursor. It’s super frustrating because my muscle memory wants to do “shift-enter” twice at the end of every paragraph in my daily journaling, and it’s always doing one line break at the end of text, and the inserting below the cursor the subsequent times I press it. I have never seen this behavior before and it seems atypical.

Proposed solution

It would be really nice if we could disable or otherwise map shift-enter to just insert a new line break consistently.

Current workaround (optional)

I have to delete the extra line breaks once I notice/remember what is happening - and remember to let go of shift and just hit “enter” to create a line break.