Can the presentation export as a PowerPoint file?

As the title


Not at the moment. Want to make this a plug-in request?

(Edit: Oops. Didn’t notice it was already a feature request. I do think plug-in is more appropriate but it doesn’t really matter where we put the idea! Never mind.)

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Thanks for the reply.

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I too, would love to have this, even as a PDF export (with 1 slide per PDF).
Right now PDF export just puts lines just in the middle of the page :frowning:

I love making presentations in obsidian, since it’s very quick and there no messing about with positioning objects! It’s like beamer on steroids.


I’ve just started using Obsidian but this feature would be extremely helpful. I use gifs to showcase American Sign Language signs and exporting to PDF flattens them – being able to one-button export to PowerPoint would be incredible.

I’d also find this particularly useful. I use Obsidian for presentations I give to colleagues and often share my slides as a PDF so folks can refer to the talk later. Unfortunately, the PDF export that exists in Obsidian isn’t presentation-aware; so slide breaks appear in the middle of pages and some slides are spread apart across multiple pages.

yeah, same as above. I am expected to dish out pdf of my presentation slides to the members of the meeting, so the pdf export would be really really helpful.