Can the outline not expand every heading every time I do anything with it?

Use case or problem

I frequently rearrange headings in my documents, dragging them lower when finished with them. I do this to put the next item at the top of the document and rotate the last to the bottom. But every time I do this, the entire outline expands, which pushes a lot of it out of sight. So I am constantly collapsing a heading, move a heading, then collapse the heading again to see what I did. it’s just a pain that I go through several times per day and after a few hundred times I thought I’d ask here. :slight_smile:


Proposed solution

I would like to see the headings in the outline just stay either collapsed or expanded.

Current workaround (optional)

There is none that I know of. No plugins provide superior behaviors.


I agree. The current behavior is really bad.

this should be resolved in 1.3.1

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