Can the plugin be set up to directly edit embeds?

I’m experimenting with the plugin: is there a way of getting embeds to just be editable, no clicking of other buttons prior to just editing the text? I’m embedding a section from my weekly note into the daily notes, and I ideally want to just click and edit the bit I can see, not including the rest, no “entering flow” etc. Does anybody know if that’s possible with the plugin as it stands?

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I don’t know if you use Discord or not, but they have a Discord server where the developer(s) hang out. Might get a prompt response there. It’s linked from their homepage.

Thanks, I have asked in there already but thus far no response. Thought I’d try my luck here as well :slight_smile:

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It’s not the plugin, but would/could the Hover editor plugin be a solution to your issue? It comes up every now and then when people talk about wanting to edit embeds in-place.

I’ve been experimenting with Hover Editor as well - it does work with links, and somewhat with embeds via the link preview. It’s still (to me) a little disconnected from just editing in place but it does work.

Also have now had some feedback in the Discord, what I’m experiencing might actually be a bug or conflict with another plugin. Working through that, so at the moment I’m hopeful for a resolution. Will loop back here for future peeps once I’ve got something sorted.

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