Can’t return to rest of the app after viewing the graph

Things I have tried

After a good day’s work on my notes and links yesterday I decided to check out the graph, to see what, if anything, it might reveal. Now I find no way to return to to the rest of my Obsidian installation. I am using the app primarily on an iPhone and iPad.

I see no button or command. Swiping left and right doesn’t reveal the left or right panes. I see that I can reshape the graph and move it around. But I can’t get rid of it.

What I’m trying to do

After displaying and exploring the graph I would like to regain access to the rest of my Obsidian installation.

Never mind. When I moved from my iphone to my ipad I had access to the file explorer and app ribbon.

I’d still like an explanation of how to get back to the rest of the app after viewing the graph.Again, I’m on Apple mobile devices.

When I opened the graph on my iPhone there was a 3-dot menu in the upper right which contains a “Close” option.

I don’t have that. On my iPhone or iPad. Now I can’t use it on either of them.

I shut down the app and did a hard reboot on both devices. I still have the graph without any way to get to the rest of the app—file explorer, notes, etc.

With help from the reddit community I have full Obsidian back. I have pull down assigned to quick switcher. I pulled down, file list was displayed, I tapped on a name, and the graph went away.

I suspect the problem had to do with the theme I adopted—minimalist—and the configuration which has several features hidden. I’ll be check that out.

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