Can some please help a struggling accounting student?

I just came out of the worst academic performance of my life, and I’ve been working this summer on learning how to learn.

However, I am still struggling with execution. I have been using RemNote since the begging of the semester, however with campus and local libraries being shut down, I cannot rely on online only methods now…

How do can I format Obsidian like I have formatted my RemNote?

Heres how I have broken down my rem note and have no clue how to duplicate in Obsidian:


Text Book1

Chapter X







exam 1

Portal to relevant chapter topic form readings

Eventually I would like to create all of my information into something like a CPA study guide from my Zettelkasten references

Could anyone please help?

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You could have one long note with a huge number of headings.
You could have atomic notes with multiple links, maybe back to an index or MOC.
You could use tags for some of your categories.
Or any combination of the above.

I’d avoid using folders and sub-folders to duplicate the structure, but that would be an alternative.

World is your flexible oyster here. Everyone has different preferences. But that does make it harder to start.

+1 for tags, because then you aren’t limited to a strict hierarchy. With the backlinks feature in Obsidian you can navigate very easily between related notes as well.

My preference is for lots of small notes linked together by tags and links and then have one (or more) index notes as starting points.