Can Obsidian Sync recover your accidentally deleted vault?

I used to use Dropbox to sync then switched to Obsidian Sync. Then I tried to get rid of the Dropbox copy of my vault and despite all my best efforts of firstly switching my new vault location to another drive, I somehow managed to lose all my notes!

I can’t get my head around how this happened (I will come to that later) but my question is: Is it possible to recover my vault with Obsidian Sync?

So of two copies of your vault now you have none?

Dropbox, even the free version, has a 30 day history.
Sync has versions too. It may be tedious to bulk recover many files on the current Sync interface now but doable.

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Thank you @WhiteNoise ; I’m working on it. I’m still struggling to understand what went wrong: After switching to Obsidian Sync, I moved my vault to another (D:) drive on my PC and opened the new vault from the new location. After a few months, I decided to remove the old vault located in (C:) drive under the Dropbox folder so I deleted that very same C: drive folder. For some reason the contents of my new vault also got deleted!

How could this ever have happened?..

Is it possible that the vault on D: was actually only an alias/symbolic link/shortcut to the one on C:?

I cannot think of another reason why this happened. Maybe the D: drive was just a symbolic partition on the same drive?.. I’ll let you guys know when I find time to look into it; thanks for your interest :v:

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