Can Obsidian be Synced?

From all the todo Syncing gets, I’m under the impression most people Sync. They want all their browsers to have the same tabs, all their emails (iMAP) on all their computers to reflect the same (I’ve ‘seen’ it; I ‘delete’d it; I ‘forward’ed it) settings; etc. I want just the opposite; I devote each computer to a different part of my life,…,etc.

I sync NOTHING. Ergo I’m very unacquainted with the vagaries of syncing…

EXCEPT NOW. Now I want to work with a single Obsidian across all my devices. Because my single vault covers so much I want to be able to access my latest Obsidian database (state) across my two Windows desktops (running Win10); my Win11 laptop; my Linux laptop; and even (if this is possible at all) my android phone.

  1. Can Obsidian be Synced?
  2. Across all these devices?
  3. If yes, how? (Is it just a click away or must I update multiple instances of the same vault?..
  4. If not, is there a way I can bring up an abbreviated set of notes (say on my Android phone); work with it; and easily import it into my larger/more primary Vault?

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

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AH, HA. This must be the draft in progress…it obviously is not a hidden draft.