Can not display local image with `[local]:test.jpg` `![p2][local]`

thanks for the work of the developers, I am a new user of obsidian, I don’t confirm whether this is a feature of obsidian or a bug, if it is a feature, I am very sorry.

Steps to reproduce

a local imge named test.jpg, and a web url for the same image.
try to display these two image


work well. but if use


and try to display image


Expected result

![web_p2][web] and ![p2][local] work well

Actual result

![web_p2][web] work well
but ![p2][local] can not display image


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.11

Additional information

the same md file,vscode display normal.

forgot about that: i test on disabled custom css. the same result

Hi and thanks for the detailed report.

is a format we don’t support.

You can open a feature request for it.

thanks for your reply, i will open a feature request.