Can not activate Andy's Sliding Panes

Things I have tried

I was playing with the newest insider version of Obsidian and found that Andy’s Sliding Panes plugin did not work, so I turned “off” the option to have the latest Insider version on my vault, and started Obsidian. It says About Obsidian
Version 0.16.4 (Installer 0.15.9) now, but The option to activate Andy’s Sliding Panes can not be turned “on”

Any idea what is wrong?

What I’m trying to do

The sliding lanes plugin doesn’t work because Obsidian has added its own sliding lanes feature. Did you try that out?

Version 0.16.4 is still the Insider build, so that’s why the plugin still doesn’t work. I don’t know how to get back to the public builds; hopefully someone else can help.

thanks for the reply; I tried to reload Obsidian from the public website, but I still get version 0.16.4 instead of 0.15.9 (what they say it is)

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