Can no longer insert tables using /

I can still insert tables using the command palette but Not using the forward slash in a note. I don’t know if it is related but I tried a bunch of new plugins today. However I then disabled all of them, closed and reopened Obsidian etc. and still cannot insert tables. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Just making sure: do you have the core plugin “Slash commands” that comes by default with Obsidian enabled?

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I have never had such a plugin listed under Core Plugins. Please note - all slash commands work with the exception of “Table”. Thanks

Sorry I take it back. Yes it is installed and yes it is activated. I am a new user and did not realize there are two different areas in settings named “core plugins”.

hmm, there shouldn’t be two. Can you show a screenshot of the settings, where you see it listed twice?

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It’s not listed twice. What I meant was on the left side in settings it says “core plugins” and under that lists all the core plugins for which adjustments can be made. That is where I first looked for it and did not see it. I then noticed that under Options there is another link for core plugins, and that one takes you to all core plugins whether they have adjustable settings or not, and it is listed there. Thanks

Oh yeah you’re right, sorry!

So one thing you can test is going to Help, and then opening the Sandbox Vault. It’s a temporary test vault with default settings. You could try testing there, and see if the slash command still works. Then we’ll know it’s something in your settings/vault, rather than something with the version of Obsidian.

You could also try running the command “Show Debug Info”, and paste the results here.

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OK that helped me make progress. First off some plugin is completely overwriting the slash commands with its own. Not sure which one yet. But killing every single plugin brought back the native slash commands. I think that gives me enough info to figure this out. Thanks!

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