Can Linked Mentions pane show linked mentions for multiple notes at once?

Is there a way or plugin to allow the “Linked Mentions” pane to display all backlinks (with the block) for multiple notes at once?

This would be useful with Periodic notes, for example to review your past week or past month of backlinks. Ie, the “Linked Mentions” pane displays all backlinks for notes in a list like ([[2023-01-24]], [[2023-01-23]], [[2023-01-22]]) - which would show the user all backlinks for the past 3 days…

I’ve checked the Dataview docs as well, but couldn’t find anything relevant here… I also don’t think Dataview is able to show the entire block, like the Linked Mentions pane does.

I think you’re right on this part, that Dataview wouldn’t show the block.

If I’ve understood it correctly, then Linked Mentions is basically a linked search, and these can be executed in query code block. One consideration which needs to be taken is whether aliases in the links will pose as a problem or not. This can lead to at least three different cases:

  • If you don’t care about aliases, you can search for the full link, [[...]]
  • If aliases could be present, but you don’t care to also match other links starting with the same, you could use [[...
  • If you care about aliases, and don’t want those just starting with the same, you need to do some regex matching, like in /\[\[…(:\||\]\])/

If we use the second variant, you could end up with something like:

("[[2023-01-24") OR ("[[2023-01-23" ) OR ("[[2023-01-22")

This kind of query should be possible to generate using Templater somewhat easy with some clever join operations, and a pre- and post-fix text.

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