Can I use property lists with Dataview or do I have to use tags?

In my people template I have a property called “relation to me”. If I make that a single field I can type in “friend” and dataview can later find that for me. However if I make that field a list making it possible to add both “friend” and “coworker” then dataview wont find that person as a “friend”.

If I want to be able to assign both friend and coworker to a people note. will I have to use tags for that? so that I will use both #friend and #coworker on the same note? Or can I solve this with a list property?

thanks for the help!

When you switch from a single value to lists, you also need to switch from key = value to contains(key, value).

You also need to be aware if you’ve got the same property as both a single value and a list within your vault. If so, you’ll need to do something like contains(flat(list(key)), value), or change all your files to actually use lists.

great, thanks, I will try that!