Can I use Obsidian for personal purpose on workshop computer?

What I’m trying to do

I am new to Obsidian, sometimes I want to take note for idea has nothing to do with my work while at office. After reading the FAQ I guess it’s OK, but I still want a clear statement against this.

Can anyone help?

I recommend not doing personal things on your employer’s computer. They probably don’t want you doing it, for security and other reasons. Plus they have the ability and the right to read any personal stuff you put in their machines. Best to keep it separate.

I’d use my phone instead.


I am an IT staff, so I understand and accept what will happen. To me, using a computer is far more comfortable than my phone.

I’m just a forum mod here; not on the Obsidian team, so this is just my interpretation. But the license page says:

Commercial use is defined as using Obsidian for work-related activities in a company with two (2) or more employees.

And as far as I can understand, that seems fairly clear that if you aren’t using it for work-related activities, then that use-case should be OK. Nothing in the definition seems to be about location or who owns the device. If you start using it for meeting notes, work projects, work reports, and such, then you would require the license.

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