Can I use *backlinks* to a specific word in a note, not to the complete note

Things I have tried

I am writing notes which will hopefully become a novel. this novel contains many ‘digressions’ (they would be footnotes in a conventional novel) but I would like the reader to return to the end of the sentence they were reading before the digression. I understand backlinks only operate on a ‘note’ level. I’m looking for something that moves from point A to another note, then clicking on something returns me/the reader to point A again.

What I’m trying to do

Have a play around with linking to blocks and see if it’s what you want.

Ariehen’s suggestion is the closest you can get. The smallest unit you can link to is a block (mainly this means “paragraph” but includes some other things).

Doesn’t navigate back bring you back to the page where you hit the link from initially?

That is the left arrow at the top of the window? (I’m not sure what is the default hotkey, as I’ve defined both Ctrl + Home and Opt + Left arrow, I’m on Mac btw)

Do footnotes not work for you for this purpose? Ultimately, it sounds like you’ll want a different way to format them in your book. But for now, isn’t that basically the functionality you want?

You could also insert some comments/annotations in place. Or use a quote block or any other alternate format that indicates an aside.

Those kinds of inline formats will likely be easier to format in your book later. Links might be more difficult.

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