Can I use affiliate links on Obsidian publish?

I like Obsidian publish very much and I would like to move my main site there.
And I’m just one freelance writer.

I took a look at

Obsidian is free to use, mostly
The only case where you must pay for Obsidian is if you use it for revenue-generating work-related activities in a company with two or more people. Get commercial licenses if that’s the case. Non-profit organizations do not need commercial licenses.
For all other uses, you can use Obsidian for free forever.
To support our development, you can pay for one-time Catalyst licenses to get early access to new Obsidian versions, but it’s completely optional. You can contribute more via Obsidian Unlimited if you wish.

I’m not an expert in English, so I’m not sure if it’s okay to use affiliate links in Obsidian publications.

Please let me know if I’m wrong.

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Yes, you can use affiliate links. Think of it as your own website.

The EULA you quoted means that if you use Obsidian (the app) for work notes, you should get a commercial license, but since you’re one freelance writer, that doesn’t apply to you.

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Thank you. It’s very good news.I was thinking about how that would work, but now I can concentrate.I can’t wait for domain support.Thank you for helping me grow up so fast.

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