Can I turn off the "filedate infobox" when hovering the file explorer?

Hello everybody!

I’m new to this community, as I have decided to actively use Obsidian three weeks ago, after finding out about all the updates of the last months.

I find some kind of “filedate: created / last modified” infobox when hovering the file names in the explorer, see screenshot. Is there any way to de/activate this feature? I have gone through my settings, but have not found a way to configure this.

It’s just a little thingie, sorry for asking, but haven’t found any help on this anywhere else.

Many thanks!

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did you find a way to turn it off?

No, have not yet figured it out.
Got used to it by now, but would still turn it off if I can.

The Hider community plugin allows you to hide all tooltips.


Appearance → Themes section → click the folder icon next to the Manage button. This opens the themes folder.

Edit the file for your current theme and add (or find) the CSS rule “.tooltip”.
Make sure the rule contains “display: none”.

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if Hider Plugin or .tooltip { display: none; } is pushing the hiding too much (since it hides all tooltips), u can at least limit the hide on the sidebar icon region and file explorer region by using the following snippet

.tooltip.mod-right { display: none; }

it will hide all tooltip that shows tooltip to the right of the object.